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Jancourt East, VIC 3266
Dairylicious Farm Fudge - Chocolate

Chocolate Fudge Slice

Summer orders: while it keeps our products fresh, unfortunately our packaging is no match for summer heat. We do not recommend ordering our chocolate and fudge to hot climates.

Our chocolate fudge is handmade with love and a true appreciation of culinary arts. Super smooth, unlike most others, this is true caramel-cooked fudge is made from scratch from a family old fashioned recipe! You’ll be glad you discovered this tasty chocolate fudge! Our chocolate fudge slice is smooth and light, you will struggle to stop at one piece.

Proudly made in the south-western district of Victoria from 100% local dairy industry ingredients. Using only the best quality ingredients, our fudge is cooked with a full caramelisation process - no powder-based mixes, just raw products blended and cooked to perfection from scratch. It's also gluten-free.

Weight: 150g

$10.00 inc. GST

Proud to be part of the 12 Apostles Food Artisans Trail
Fresh from the Corangamite Hinterland! The 12 Apostles Food Artisans and the gourmet trail provide a feast for your taste buds.
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